Lately I have had my small sensor fujifilm point and shoot camera out and about to take snaps of interesting things I see.

While the camera is a few years old, it features full manual override on just about every feature you could imagine. ISO, whitebalance, f-stop, shutter speeds, and the list goes on. It looks something like an old rangefinder:

My pocket Point & Shoot.

My Point & Shoot.

The small retractable lens is quite wide when zoomed all the way out which comes in handy sometimes. I also like the fact that I can shoot and quickly pop the XD card out of the camera and right into the front of my laptop for a quick edit and upload (cord free).

While this is most definitely far inferior to my big DLSR body and lens, it gets me out shooting a lot more often!

Anyway, point is, I caught this great shot of a tower at Harbour-side Park in Downtown St. John’s thanks to having a camera handy. It worked out well because the clouds were quite defined that day, and I used an orange filter effect in lightroom to get the clouds to pop.

Here it is:



That’s all for now,

– Matt


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