The Study of Vernacular Architecture.

I am back in school attending Memorial University in Newfoundland. This term, I have 5 very heavy workload courses. However, my favorite of the term is a history course, on Vernacular Architecture.

The best part about this is I get to create a field paper. Along my journey, I plan to share my stories, interviews and all of my photographs, many of which will be exclusive and possibly not even included in my final paper.

Outline of the Paper:

The basis of this essay is to explore the vernacular architecture of Port Kirwan, a small finishing community of Newfoundland. It was originally named Admiral’s Cove, but changed names to distinguish from other communities by the same name in Newfoundland (1960).

In particular, I will be exploring the house of Don Wright. The house follows the traditional style of architecture in this community, but also has been “added on to” numerous times over the years.

Background Information:

Don Wright’s life can also be incorporated into this study, as he used this house also as his studio space.

I will be consulting with both his daughter Catherine Wright and her mother.

The possibility of interviewing his son Tom Wright is also available.

The comparison with other nearby houses is a possibility, but those further down into the cove (older styles) are closer in architecture.

At this point the dating of the house is not known, but under assessment and tracing back using verbal interviews and archives, a fairly certain estimate can be made.

This house appears to be a gem; a time capsule of certain styles, changing roof pitches and other interesting features I can recall from memory.


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