Polyphasic Sleep, so it begins.

I will be beginning a polyphasic sleep cycle starting this evening.

The concept is a “core sleep cycle” followed by a few “naps” in a day. In theory you can compress your 90minute sleep cycle into 20 minutes and get ALL the REM sleep you physically need, but gain extra hours in a day.

I will be attempting the “everyman cycle”, which is a longer sleep with naps.

I assessed my day schedule, and decided on a core sleep plus 2 naps. This should formulate out to a core sleep of 4.5hours (3 sleep cycles) with 2 naps (20 minutes) in my day. This works out to about 5.16 hours of sleep in a day! That’s a full 18.84 hours of free daytime!

When I decide the ideal times to nap, I will post my schedule.

Cheers, and let the games begin!


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