Polyphasic Sleep – Day 6

I feel as if death is upon me this morning.

I awoke, but not really. It seems that my eyes aren’t all that sleepy, but the rest of my body is trying to crash. I’ve hit the barrier, I’m extremely REM sleep deprived.

Hopefully over the next day or two I can make it over the wall and REM sleep will make it into my two daily 20minute naps.


A few hours after waking up:

I’m feeling much better now. I think I’m getting used to this.

I really think I’m almost over the hump.
With the 20 minute naps I wake up EXTREMELY productive, and I can work on school for more than 12 hours a day productively. Two days ago I even went 15 hours working on school work.

Your productivity gain is huge, and I can work until 3am without even feeling slightly tired.


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