Polyphasic Sleep – Possible Changes

Over the past 10 days I have examined how I have progressed.

While I am conditioned to this schedule now, I still have a hard time getting up in the mornings, SO I’m going to switch from my everyman-2 to and everyman-3.

I figure since I currently sleep 4.5 hours at night, it’s too short to be a full sleep, and too long to be a nap. If I change to 3 hours I should be able to wake up easier, especially with 3 naps in a day rather than two.

So, I will sleep:

3 hours @ 3am-6am

20minutes @ 11am

20minutes @ 4pm

20 minutes @9pm

I will see if my theory is correct over the next couple of day. I found it much easier to wake up this morning after just 3 hours!

More soon.


3 thoughts on “Polyphasic Sleep – Possible Changes

  1. damn and i thought i had problems sleeping, i was told that you need 4 hours sleep a day so you theory should work although not when you get a full time job.

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