Polyphasic Sleep – Up to the 4th Day

So I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, I just disappeared into the WEEKEND.

Perhaps one of the most amusing sections involved a 11:30pm nap of 30minutes at a party! I managed to sneak off into a spare bedroom, laid my beer down, and caught some shut eye.

On a side note, Dymaxion is as intense as I imagined. My body really wants some core sleep between 3am-6am. I find myself accidentally oversleeping around 2-3 hours durning this time. It is as if my body wants to revert to the Everyman Schedule I did last fall (3 hour core with 3x 20minute naps).

I talk about all this on the latest vlog. Here it is:

All the best,

– Matt


4 thoughts on “Polyphasic Sleep – Up to the 4th Day

  1. Hi Matt,

    This is really interesting and I would totally try it. However, I am confused as to how the 20 or 30 minute naps work. How do you account for the entire 20-30 minutes? I mean, yeah, set an alarm, wake up, etc. My question is moreso do you count the time you close your eyes to the time that you wake up as ‘sleeping’? I mean, it takes a while for someone to fall asleep. Sometimes it takes up to 20 minutes to fall asleep.

    Do you get me?


    • Your sleep cycle compresses.

      You are essentially just jumping stage 2 and 3. You go straight from Hypnotic imagery and into rem.
      In most cases, I’m usually dreaming within 5 minutes or so.

      Basically your body understands after a week or so that a 90minutes cycle needs to compress to 20min or 30min (whatever is chosen).

    • You actually start falling asleep fast once you’re adjusted, so you can actually start counting 20 minutes from when you lay down.

      I tried the dymaxion for a while, and…yeah, I’m now working on adjusting to the uberman. It’s going a lot better. Same amount of sleep during the day as the dymaxion, but a heck of a lot easier on the body and on the mind.

  2. There’s a lot of room for doubt about whether Dymaxion ever worked for anybody, even Fuller himself — see esp. the footnotes here:


    Dymaxion is a popular choice for ultra-short sleep schedule self-experiments. In my experience, however, the main criterion driving this choice is something that absolutely does *not* work anyway, in adaptation: a need (perceived or real) to fit polyphasic sleep around an existing work/class schedule.

    Uberman has some grounding in real sleep theory and experiment. Dymaxion? Hardly anything. Even second-hand reports of what Fuller said about it show little agreement as to what the schedule actually was. I think the reason it’s widely considered the the most difficult polyphasic sleep schedule might be very simple: it’s almost certainly impossible.

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