Last Week was BIG!

Today was my first day back from Halifax, and I’ve got a lot I want to say about coffee and espresso… BUT, I’m going to save that to talk about separately.

Last week I got recognized twice, one for Espresso/ Barista and another for my Photography. I thought I’d share the two of those features. So here they are:

Five awesome Baristas on :

Matt C Reynolds is an at home barista  extraordinaire and an aspiring architect. He is a very active part of the Coffee Forums and has a love and passion for latte art, espresso and coffee roasting that is rare. Matt has a show called Espresso Weekly that will be combining forces with Coffee Cup News in future episodes.
Follow Matt: TwitterBlog


PHOTO of the DAY on :


Photo of the Day for 100 Cyclists Project. Rider: Dylan Forbes
Photo of the Day for 100 Cyclists Project. Rider: Dylan Forbes

The photo as of 16:28 on October 13th has:  21, 569 views | 78 comments |564 faves

Obviously I am extremely grateful for both of these features, and pretty excited about it all.

Besides the two features, I also got the chance to explore around the Architecture building at Dalhousie and sat in on a class. Before it began, I met up with some students and chatted a little. It was a little overwhelming the level of work these folks were doing, but it was extremely exciting and interesting.

Once it was finally all over, I had the chance to tour around the building with one of the students. He was awesome about it all and happy to show me around. It was excellent to see someone so interested, and I got to see first hand how everything went down from a students perspective.

All in all, one of the best weeks I could have asked for.

I will be doing some Coffee + Coffee Shop reviews soon, and the second episode of Espresso Weekly should come out tomorrow or Friday!


– Matt



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