Architecture and Terroir

I have begun work on a very interesting term paper, which I have twisted to focus on strictly architecture in relation to terroir. The pending title is: “Architectural Terroir: Space, Place and ‘Constructed’ Identity in Newfoundland” by: Matt C Reynolds. Given all this, I want to throw out a great quote I came across while doing some research. It is by Henry Glassie, who has written extensively on vernacular architecture….

“All architects are born into architectural environments that condition their notions of beauty and bodily comfort and social propriety. Before they have been burdened with knowledge about architecture, their eyes have seen, their fingers have touched, their minds have inquired into the wholeness of their scenes. They have begun collecting scraps of experience without regard to the segregation of facts by logical class. Released from the hug of pleasure and nurture, they have toddled into space, learning to dwell, to feel at home. Those first acts of occupation deposit a core connection in the memory.”

(Henry Glassie 2000, in Vernacular Architecture p.17)


– Matt


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