the Presentation

Presenting is important in the profession of architecture, and an article from re-affirmed that with me today.

"Metaphorical Thinking Cap" Photo: Eliot Wright

"Metaphorical Thinking Cap" Photo: Eliot Wright

In many ways, Folklore has helped me in my progression towards becoming an architect . One of my favourite aspects of the discipline is presenting for my peer group, to class or professor.

I’ve watched others – I’ve listened, learned and interpreted.

So what?

Well, these days I stand up without fear, totally absorbed in my work. I put on my thinking cap, grab the audience, and pitch my ideas.

Don’t be afraid to put on your ridiculous thinking cap, and pitch your ridiculous ideas as if they are the be-all and end-all – because they just might be.


– Matt


2 thoughts on “the Presentation

  1. Being in a program where you can often feel like you’re in junior high rather than University, I’ve learned to break out of my shell a little and have become an instructor and communicator. Having started this term knowing two people in my class, and having made little effort to fraternize with a good many of my classmates, it is boggling how many people come to me looking for help. I always tutored math in high school, but it was always material that was below my level and came to me easily. I haven’t had to present at all this term, but I am fairly certain that I will have to in my job this winter. The act of helping someone understand is an affirmation that my ideas are valid and that I am an effective communicator, and coming to realize this will be something that will benefit me for a long time.

    I might be able to attribute this to having such a “thinking cap” as well… who knows?

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