Bicycle Rides & Espresso

So it’s December 9th in Newfoundland. Actually, I suppose it’s December 9 everywhere. heh.

Anyway, it was a beautiful morning. The sun was out, and it was 5 degrees. I had a great bicycle ride in this morning on my nice track bike.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize all the dirt and sand that was splashing up until I was nearly at my destination…

Mud + Dirt

Mud + Dirt

But who cares right? It was great to get out. Probably should have taken my commuter with fenders though.

I also had a fantastic double shot of No Guff espresso (which I roasted 4 days ago). It was just delicious, and went beautifully with a small piece of gingerbread fudge I had.

Back to school work as soon as I set it down:

'Spro on Books

'Spro on Books

That is straight out of camera and from my point and shoot. Lit with ambient light, and a directional halogen lamp.

Keep warm, and keep inspired!

– Matt


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