Sketch a Day 32: Church Plans

I’ve got big plans for this seasons gingerbread ‘house’.

Doing up the side elevation and floor plan today as sketch 32:



Keep inspired!

– Matt


2 thoughts on “Sketch a Day 32: Church Plans

  1. Just a note on your terminology. Using the words “floor” and “side” arent really necessary as an “elevation” drawing is always and upright view of something and a “plan” is always from the top perspective. And by the looks of it, your plan is actually a roof plan. Haha not that its a big deal, ive just been looking at way too many arch. drawings these days!

    • Floor and side was noted as I was drawing it.
      I ended up using elevation, etc as I was about to post it.

      The plan is actually just the shapes from viewed above. There will not be a floor plan because there won’t actually be any internals for the gingerbread church.
      Dicey, but yeah… haha.
      Thanks for the comments!

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