Pencil Case Bricolage

I’m always on the lookout for the perfect sized pencil case.

Most recently, I have been using the Staedtler 6 pencil case for “sketching/drawing”. It is relatively tiny, but unfortunately only holds pencils… a problem for when I’m on the go and need a sharpener and eraser.

So, yesterday I came across an old metal case that was designed to hold high-end skateboard bearings (which I was using for a street-luge board):

Bearing Case

Bearing Case

What a perfect size I thought!

So I decided to rip everything from the inside of it, and keep the foam. Here is everything from inside the case, as well as a few pencils and stuff:

Explosion of stuff

Explosion of stuff

Next, I began cutting and gluing.

The result:

Almost done

Almost done

The black foam blocks hold the pencils down and into place so the don’t roll around. The extra height in the rest of the case allows me to throw a small sharpener in and an eraser.

I left it all to dry and set over night, and when I woke up I took another snap.

Here is the finished case:

Done! Pencil Case Bricolage!

Done! Pencil Case Bricolage!

Lovely! Perfect size for on the go, and to throw in my backpack.

Keep inspired!

– Matt


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