Culinary Inspiration: The Flavor Bible

I’ve owned the book Culinary Artistry for over 4 years now, preaching it to anyone interested in taking cooking more seriously. It was authored by Andrew Dornenburg  and Karen Page, and published in 1996.

In 2008, they published The Flavor Bible, which is essentially an update and reinterpretation of their 1996 success.

The Flavor Bible - Sitting next to my Knife-block in the Kitchen

The Flavor Bible - Sitting next to my Knife-block in the Kitchen

As you can see in the photo above, it sits on my counter in plain view, next to one of my knife blocks.

I would argue, the fact I can sit it out is the difference between the two books. You see, The Flavor Bible I like to use as a reference, and I like everyone in my house to do the same thing.

Culinary Artistry, however, I had a hard time recommending unless I knew someone was VERY serious. Possible because I find it much more theoretical. Or, maybe… “theoretically intimidating”?

I personally LOVE Culinary Artistry, and it sits in my room on my book shelf. If I am planning full menus, or looking for an interesting read, or interested in chef’s dishes, etc, I pull the Culinary book down. It is a beautiful book, beautiful rough edges, and soft-covered. Maybe that’s the difference, the soft-cover versus the hard-cover of The Flavor Bible.

Anyway, go out and buy The Flavor Bible. It is very approachable, and targeted at the North American household. It’s hard-covered, and designed to get you thinking about ingredients. It will help get you away from recipes, and into cooking with what is available to you + pairing ingredients together.

I would give an utmost recommendation for The Flavor Bible. After all, you eat at least 3 times a day… why not make it excellent?

Happy Cooking,

– Matt


One thought on “Culinary Inspiration: The Flavor Bible

  1. We keep a copy on hand at Blue, as well as a few other tomes. Sometimes helps us get out of those little jams.

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