The Next Month

So its been busy.

Very busy.

The next month holds may sleepless nights, lots of work, and some defining my life. I have many, many, many projects on the go (yes it is essential is reiterate this three times). I will be targeting a few things in particular:

– My portfolio for Architecture school (this is high priority)

– My academic term (especially the visual anthropology section)

– A decision on opening another photography project (on top of 100 Cyclists which is on hold for the winter AND a publication called Hula Magazine I am working with)

– Publishing some of this to the internet on this blog!

Warning: sketch a day will take a hit. I am going to try and include a bunch of work to catch up as best as I can.

Stay tuned, much to come. In the meantime, have a look at this photo and think about weight, light and lines…

click to view large

click to view large


– Matt


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