First Days of School

The first days of school have been a whirlwind… so many new things, new people, and plenty of excitement.

Hand grinder, scale, french press, and Anchored Coffee

Hand grinder, scale, french press, and Anchored Coffee

Thus far, there still haven’t been any official classes – those start next week. This week, Wednesday through Friday, has been comprised of ¬†orientation, presentations, and conversations with older students. However, selecting our studio space, gathering materials and getting prepared both physically and mentally has been fun.

My days begin with the best coffee I can prepare or get my hands on, followed by meetings and workshops, and already I have many things to work on before I head to bed. Right now my days run from about 8:30am until about 1-2am. Last night I had the luxury of heading out to a nearby pub with a fellow architecture student from Newfoundland, Mark. I was so wired and hyper just on the excitement from the day at school I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway. Two pints and a short walk home, it was a nice release for the day… I’m guessing it was somewhere around 2am when I arrived home with a 9am rise.

I can already tell there is a shift in the way I’m thinking – creativity is returning and there is much to think about. After school today I attended two gallery openings in Halifax: one was mostly photography, and the other mainly jewelry made by NSCAD students who had spent 3-4 months in artist residencies.

As a side note, I’m living between homes right now. Thankfully I’m able to stay with two fantastic friends as I get my things together. I can’t explain how grateful I am for all the things I’ve been given and all the people surrounding me, much love rides with me and I feel extremely lucky.

Just yesterday I was unlocking my bicycle getting ready to leave the school for the day. I looked up, the sun was shining and I turned to face the school. I couldn’t help but think that for almost 4 years now I had wished over and over I could be inside Dalhousie as an Architecture student… and now I was.

All for now. I’ll try and write about my experiences as they unfold.
I’ll leave you with a quick snap from my iPhone outside the first gallery we visited this evening:

After the rain

After the rain


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