Process Portfolio: Term 2

B2 and B1 Portfolios together

B2 and B1 Portfolios together

This is the second instalment in a series of documentary videos regarding my term-long process portfolios. The first two portfolios [B1 and B2] were bound together to match (for submission to the year end committee).

At this point I’ve been finished my second term of Architecture school at Dalhousie for about 10 days. Immediately after I finished the term, I recorded this video before submitting the portfolio (while things were fresh). I’ve since processed it, and I’d like to share the huge amount of work you produce as a student of architecture in a single, 3 month term.

This time I’ll be offering up my B2 [Second Term] Portfolio.To summarize, I’ll quote the Dalhousie School of Architecture on the Process Portfolio:

“Design portfolios are records of your design work, research interests, and design abilities… Assembling a portfolio can help you reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and interests. In the BEDS program, the main portfolio is a “process portfolio.” It is a thorough record of your design research and analysis, your design work-in-progress, and your finished design work during a single term.”

Below is the B2 Process Portfolio video with very short commentary:


Cheers + Stay Creative,

– Matt


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