Polyphasic Sleep – The Dymaxion Schedule and new Video Log!

Okay, so September is coming on quickly and I am yet again influenced to start Polyphasic sleep. Last winter I chose a form of the Everyman Cycle which I experimented with. This time, I’m choosing the Dymaxion Cycle. This one is rather extreme, and I have been warned I will be near-zombie state for the … Continue reading

Winter Term and the End of Polyphasic Sleep.

Polyphasic sleep is most definitely NOT ideal. In fact, the only way I could even justify this absolutely pain-staking way of life is if you physically NEED more hours in a day to complete at task. Read more below: After using this sleeping pattern for almost 2 months, I can safely say I made it out … Continue reading

Drafting Floor Plans, and Polyphasic Sleep.

Late night, working away. I’m getting all of my vernacular architecture project together these days. This evening I was drafting floor plans, scaling them down from random sizing with measurements to proper proportions. Also, I’m 2 days into my polyphasic sleep schedule, which is working really, really well. Tonight I have a bit of a … Continue reading